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Why do I need to have drawings? Why can't we just start to build? 

So you have the keys to your renovation, and you are itching to get started after spending so long finding your perfect place. You have an idea what you want to do but are not certain how to make it happen.

We work with together with our clients to provide design solutions which deliver what you want,

when you want it, in the way you want it.

By engaging our design services BEFORE you commission site works, we can advise on timescales,

material/fittings sourcing, structural requirements, insulation needs, build methods, and planning requirements.

By commisioning design works from the outset, it helps focus your mind on your requirements,

and we provide construction drawings for our team. This helps avoid costly mis-understandings on site,

and provides you as a client and the contractor with a common set of rules,

so we all remain on the same page so to speak!

Call or email for an informal discussion about your needs and to find out how we can assist.

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