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PausaBREW - The Bottle Shop

PausaBREW carefully hand crafts a wide variety of refreshing,delicious, thirst quenching beers in the heart of central Portugal. 

Using all natural ingredients, with no added chemicals, all of our products are vegetarian and vegan friendly.
We also produce special brews which are Gluten reduced / Ceoliac friendly, and Low Carbohydrate which are Diabetic friendly.
Where possible we use organic ingredients.

We use environmentally friendly processes with Solar heated water, Solar electric, and water recovery.
We endeavour to reduce our waste, and recycle bottles with our deposit return scheme.
Our grain waste is used by our neighbours to feed the chickens, which provides us with fresh eggs straight from the coup.

PausaBREW Bottleshop
PausaBREW Keg store
PausaBREW Spirit store
PausaBREW Equipment
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